A Thank-You Note {To Moms of Little Children}


My sweet Mom-friend, with little ones wrapped around her legs,

I talk with you often.  You are the ones who seem to cross my path mostly, the ones God draws my heart to.  In fact, you are the ones I had in mind when I began to write one day three years ago, and somehow the words never seemed to stop.  I guess I have a lot to say to you.  See, you are me a few years back, and it is you I made a vow to when I stepped out of my house a couple of years ago, facing the sunshine on the other side of babies.

I will not forget, I promised.

I know a great deal about you.  I know your isolation.  And your loneliness.  I know the repeat cycle you feel stuck on.  I know the discouraged temperature of your homes many days.  I know the feelings you have about yourself.  I know the guilt you carry.  I know that this guilt makes you cranky.  I know that you are overwhelmed and you cry over small things in the day, because the big picture is just too big and too far away.    I know that you are tired beyond words.  That your tiredness makes you forget things.  And that your tiredness makes you depressed.  I know that you compare yourself to other Moms, and that these sideways glances make you miserable.  I know that you struggle day in and day out, for always.

And I know that you are not thanked enough.  For all that you do, you are rarely honored and praised.

mothering blessing

So allow me, my tired and care-worn Mom- friend:

Thank you for waking in the morning and through groggy eyes, kissing your children and loving them, despite wanting to sleep a little more.  Have you ever read stories of children deprived of love and unable eventually to integrate into society?  Your constant love turns a child who could shrivel, into one who blooms.

Thank you for beginning the day by preparing breakfast.  Have you read the statistics on poverty and hunger in our very own schools?  Your feeding makes for eager and alert minds.  Ask any teacher.

Thank you for taking care of your husband.  Did you know that married men live longer, because they thrive with regular care-taking?  Your commitment is literally keeping him healthier and happier.  Ask any doctor.

Thank you for pursuing a Christ-centered marriage.  Have you read the statistics on divorce, as it relates to children?  Your staying together through better, worse and everything in-between, is a success greater than yourself.  Ask any counselor.

Thank you for keeping a close eye on the members of your household.  Have you read statistics on s-x-trafficking and online soliciting?  Your close watch over your family is protecting them from dangers they are not aware of.  Ask any police officer.

Thank you for maintaining a home, and performing the daily tasks without fail. Have you read stories of children trying to grow up without homes and families?  Your maintaining a stable environment is doing more for the long-term emotional wellness of your family, than you can possibly see now.  Ask any pastor.

Thank you for persevering, because if I could choose a word to describe what you are called to, it would be: PERSEVERANCE.  You cannot stop, now or ever.  You are in it, for life.

Thank you for teaching your children in all of your daily acts of service, that the Gospel is real and to be lived.  That the Gospel is true and to be applied.  That Christ came to serve, and not to be served.  That He gave everything, so that we could gain.  Only gain.  His Gospel is for you.  And as you embrace and live it,  you are doing so much more than you can see.  As you point those in your home in His direction, you are discipling those who will lead, tomorrow.  Words alone could never convey what your serving is accomplishing.

So, thank you.  Again and again, thank you.  You are worth far more than rubies, and deserving of great honor.

I close with a blessing my Mom sent to my sisters and I this morning:

“May God be with you all today, giving you an understanding of the dignity of the work you are doing – taking care of his little ones, on his behalf, so the church can continue through the generations!”

Praying for you as you give your life for theirs,




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9 thoughts on “A Thank-You Note {To Moms of Little Children}

  1. Thank you so much sister! It is hard in the little years to never get thanks. In our society where worth is measured by output, (Especially) SAHMS of little ones can be made to feel so useless because most of us can’t give much outside of our family. Thanks for the reminder of how our efforts to our families are so valuable and have such important payoffs!!

  2. This is so beautiful and so encouraging to me. I’m grateful for God for using you to write these words and just be a vessel of His grace to me today. Thank you. Blessings!!

  3. Thank you so much for writing this post! I needed to hear it! I am currently in the season of life of little babies. I have a 22 month old son and a 6 month old son. Your words are very encouraging. It is a very isolated and trying time, even though I feel blessed beyond measure. The day to day struggles are real, but I am banking on the Lord’s new mercies each morning. Thank you for not forgetting what it was like to be here. I think a lot of moms with older children do forget. I am enjoying your blog! I found you through sharingrace.com. Thank you for writing!

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