Friday Home: Easy Striped Canvas Paintings

Well, we made it to Friday.  Is anyone else grateful for the weekend?

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This edition of Friday Home is a simple project.  As stated previously, Friday’s on the blog are a day I take “off” from issues-related writing and focus instead on various areas related to home-making.  This tutorial is a repeat for my Facebook friends, but one I am eager to share, because it was everything Moms of little ones appreciate: simple materials, easy directions, inexpensive application.  Win-win!

Easy Canvas Art

Canvas art is a perfect solution for Moms with children still active in the home.  Canvases are inexpensive and and they cannot be broken.   Our staircase presented the perfect opportunity to find a practical art solution, as the kids run up and down all day, knocking against the wall.  There have been many picture-frame casualties of the staircase.  It was time to figure out a solution for this high-traffic area.

For this project, you will need: paint, narrow paint-brush, paint, ruler painter’s tape, pencil.

I purchased a set of 6 square, plain white canvas squares from a craft store.

Normally, I tint the canvases before I paint them, but I liked the bright whiteness of these, so left them plain.

I mixed up a paint color I liked, using some leftover paints we had in the house.

edit paint

Next, I sectioned off stripes.  I simply penciled in lines every 2-3 inches.

I painted every other stripe.

canvas paintings format

Using quilting pins, I tacked black and white photos on the canvases.

I love how this project turned out.

canvas painting colors sharpened

And I especially appreciate that the total cost was easily under $5.

If you are interested in making art from canvases and want another example of its simplicity, Kierste explains her approach to this project using beautiful, fun photos.

That is all for the blog for this week.  Light and easy for a day when none of us want to think anyway:).

Happy Friday to all of you!

Next week is Hospitality Week on the blog, so be sure and join back up here on Monday.  We will discuss varying types of hospitality, hear from a guest writer who used her home to demonstrate extreme hospitality, and consider how to incorporate Scripture’s call to hospitality.

See you Monday.  Enjoy the weekends with your families!





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