Hospitality: FREE Printable Wednesday

I hope you are enjoying Hospitality Week so far!  Monday and Tuesday’s posts are here and here, if you would like to play catch- up.  Thursday and Friday are both guest posts, written by a couple of my favorite women.  I think you will enjoy their thoughts on both giving and receiving hospitality, so very much.

Today is a wordless Wednesday.  However, in keeping with the theme of hospitality I took a break from writing, and created 2 free printables which I thought you might enjoy.

In order to access the free printable, simply click on the image.  Select copy mode, and save to desktop.  Choose print mode and select and option for print size (whether 5×7 or 8×10).  Print off and enjoy!

quote hospitality final


hospitality resize

These might be good reminder to place on the fridge, beside a sink full of dirty dishes, or in the laundry room – anywhere you are faced with the clean-up after company!

Enjoy your day today.  I hope you are considering the issue of hospitality with an encouraged spirit.  The reason I am drawn to the topic is because it is one I both wrestle with, and want to become better at.  Our culture is fast moving away from treasuring time in one another’s lives, and replacing face-time with autonomy.  I see myself fighting this tendency. So a biblical consideration of hospitality is helpful for me, and I hope, to you as well.

We will see you back here tomorrow!

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