Giveaway Winner & Two Questions for You to Answer



Good Monday morning, all.  I hope your weekends were restful and full of the goodness of family.

The winner {via random number generator} of the Giveaway of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full is:

{Lindsey Sieders}!

Lindsey, congratulations!  Please email me at: with your mailing information, and I will send out your book.  And thank you all for entering.  If you would like your own copy of Gloria’s book, you can find it here. 

{I have already lined up the Giveaway for May- in honor of Mother’s Day- so be sure and check back in the coming weeks for details}.

I am pausing from writing content this morning, in order to check in a little with you.

Thank You

First of all, thank you for being here.  I know that the web is limitless in options, so thank you for making this spot one you return to.  I appreciate not only your presence, but the community you foster through your comments, emails and feedback on the Facebook page.

My Commitment

I have worked hard at writing for the last few years.  Not only learning how to write-to-be-read, but learning how to push through writer’s block and the fatigue that is nearly-constant with mothering.  And I have done this because I believe in you.

I believe in the value of women living for the glory of God, as they minister to their families and invest in their homes.  I see our culture’s lethargic attitude toward what you do, and I want to stand with you.  What you are doing matters more than any  societal endorsement.  And my prayer is that this space would be one small part of encouraging you in running your race.

family photo

My Family

There will be times when you can sense that the site has waning energy.  Those are likely the seasons when my family’s needs are eating up any extra stores of emotion.  From a high-energy toddler to the complexity of a pre-teen, we have it all under one roof .

By God’s grace, writing will continue to form my days.  And with God’s wisdom, I will strive to balance writing with family life.

Questions for You

I have two questions for you, and I would love you to answer either one by commenting below, or by emailing me at

1.  Which single topic do you feel needs addressing most on a women’s blog?

2.  What is one thing you would like to see more of on this blog?

{home ideas, recipes, health and wellness, parenting, time management, etc}

Thank you all.  Enjoy your Monday.  {I plan to grocery shop and clean up my neglected house today :)}.









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6 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner & Two Questions for You to Answer

  1. 1. I would have to say a balance of contentment with life and pursuit of a woman’s calling in life. Not sure if this makes sense. I think that women need to learn to be content in their lot in life. It is so hard for us to not always feel like we should be doing more, being more and so on. Content with our whole lot, including the season of life we are in. But on the other side of the scale, women need to be faithfully pursuing their calling in life and figuring out how that calling fits into this season of their life. I think to make this happen so much of the unimportant falls to the wayside. To be giving our lives to what really matters and what is that where I am right now.

    2. biblical priorities and what they look like, time management is a good one, how to “think for the people in our life”. While I love blogs that talk about recipes and decorating a home I have a hard time finding ones that talk about getting to what really matters in life. Like I can I be intentional with my children at different stages of life? How can I practically put my husband as my first earthly priority when I have kids that need me so much? How can I create traditions and memories in life when I can barely keep the clothes washed? Helping women learn to shuck down the fluff to what really matters for our tomorrows and today. :):).

    I am sooo glad you are writing again!!

    • Amy, these are all great thoughts. I know that a couple of people mentioned the difficulty in saying “no”, and trying to balance serving with declining. I hope to address this soon. I find it really tough to know when to step back and when to move ahead. Time management- ah, that is a constant pursuit, right? Thank you. Writing all these thoughts down!

  2. Hi Maryanne! First of all you are doing a beautiful and eloquent job of following Gods will and your faith! For me the topics would be encouragement/praise and balancing life with kids while supporting your spouse! As a stay at home mom we balance so many tasks and don’t get enough encouragement or praise for it. I know that’s not why I do it but still need a boost at times! And you have hit on these topics already! And adding to the balance is helping women know when to say no to things! That its ok to not participate in every club or organization and how to know “be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there!” Maybe having people share their favorite devotional ideas?

    • Brooke, thank you! It is so difficult to say “no”, and I often wonder when is it appropriate, and when is it not? Thanks for introducing this topic. I will definitely try and address that one soon!

  3. I love and agree with what Amy and Beth said. Especially #2 on Amy’s comment and I second Beth’s questions on devotions. I really want to spend my morning time alone reading the Bible AND exercising, but how do I do both WELL? And what Amy said, how do I practically live out loving God, Matt, and then the boys well every day when all I wanted to do today was lock everyone outside and drink wine while I laughed at them, being locked out? (and we JUST got back from a night away!). Also, how do I (or how do I learn) to answer Levi (and soon Noah’s) BIG questions. Like, the other day in the van we were talking about Jesus always being with us, He’s in our hearts, we just can’t see him. Levi then lifts up his shirt and says “No mom, look, see, he’s not here.” And then I just was quiet.

    • Betty, admittedly I was laughing at your response! I am marking down any and all thoughts and questions, and hope to think through them over the next few weeks. But for now, my vision of you standing at the back door is enough! Thanks for your help :)

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