Monday Has Come – A Few Easter Photos


I am taking a step back from regular Monday posting today.  We had a wonderful weekend full of company and activity, and I am a few days behind with writing.  And I would not have it any other way. I have not cracked open my laptop since Friday, and the break from regular focus has been refreshing and enjoyable.

Don’t we all need social-media fasts and Internet breaks sometimes? I do.


Emma found me a beautiful bird’s nest in the yard.  A beautiful reminder of Spring and new beginnings.



The boys found time to be brothers- and Pat was able to document their sweet relationship.

Will thrives on affirmation from Josh.



And Josh rises to the occasion of being both friend, and example.



Our fearless adventurer managed to stay unbroken for the day – and she wore a dress happily, because “it feels like a sweatshirt”.


Their energy can be so taxing at times, but yesterday was a reminder to me of what I have – and sometimes I am too aware of what is taken from me, in the wake of their needs.



I have them.  They have one another.

But mostly, because of Easter, we have Him.

And He holds us all together.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends.  See you back here tomorrow!


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