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As Christian parents, we are instructed to raise our children in the fear and understanding of God.  This admonition seems simple enough, until our little ones arrive, wriggling and squirming.  And we are surpassed in energy level, and tapped out nearly every moment.

Standing in the aisles of the bookstore looking through Bibles and devotionals, might seem like just one more impossible thing to do.  In honor of your limited time and energy, here is a list of 10 family-worship resources that we have found helpful over the past years.  Many of these sources were recommended to us by older parents when we were starting out, and have proven extremely helpful.

1.  The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes

Kenneth Taylor’s “Baby Bible”, as we termed it, is a wonderful beginner Bible.  Taylor masterfully combines both simple teaching and beautiful, engaging illustrations.  This Bible is an excellent place for 2- 3 year old’s to begin learning.


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2.  My First Bible

My First Bible combines longer stories than Baby Bibles, and uses bright and fun illustrations.  Yet, its content remains true and un-compromised.  This is a great place for 3- 4 year-old’s to learn.


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3.  Big Truths for Little Kids

Big Truths For Little Kids, written by Susan Hunt, teaches concepts from the Westminster Catechism, using stories from the lives of 3 young friends- Cassie, Caleb and Daniel.  Throughout the book are application questions which can be asked of readers, which I found very helpful.  This book is a great place for 4 and 5 year-old children to learn.



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4.  Leading Little Ones to God

Leading Little Ones to God, by Miriam Schooland, is a combination of Bible stories told in a captivating style.  Schooland weaves together great truths, but retains a very casual style so that readers remain engaged.  Leading is a great place for 6 and 7 year-olds to learn.


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5.  Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones, burst onto the devotional scene several years ago, to excellent reviews.  My children agreed.  This Bible masterfully weaves stories with beautiful illustrations, and points the reader to the necessity of Christ’s death with every chapter.  This Bible is a valuable place for 5- 8 year-old children to learn.


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6.  Missionary Stories with the Millers

Missionary Stories With the Millers is one we have read through several times now.  A combination of stories of those who have served on the mission field, each chapter is both fascinating and inspiring.  Children need heroes, and this book supplies them.  Missionary Stories is a place where children of all ages will grow.  My youngest to my oldest still enjoy these beautiful accounts.


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7.  Hero Tales

Hero Tales, by Dave and Neta Jackson, is another collection of missionary stories our family has enjoyed.  Told in a simple, but engaging style, this book walks readers through the lives of several Christians who lived boldly and courageously.  Hero Tales is a family book, for all ages.  My children of varying stages all enjoyed hearing this book read aloud.

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8.  The Seeds CD Collection 

I do not know how many hours we have spent, driving around hearing “The Word of the Lord Stands Forever!”, but it has been more than an handful.  The Seeds CD Collection is selected Scripture verses set to music.  Catchy and fun, this collection is divided up into character traits- courage, faith, praise.  Each CD has 10-15 songs that will set your children to learning Scripture.  We have loved these.  {As an added bonus, each CD comes with a second copy, meant to be given away, so that others can learn too}.


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9.  The Jesus Storybook Bible DVD Collection

While on the subject of media, the Jesus Storybook Bible recently released an accompanying DVD collection.  I cannot speak well enough of these.  Beautifully presented.  Engaging.  Lovely to listen to.  My 4 year-old has enjoyed and benefited from this collection.  These DVD’s are a great place for younger children to learn – however, if played in the car with a captive audience, I am certain all of the kids would gain from them.


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10.  The Story Bible for Older Children

It is difficult to find content that is complex enough for older children, and yet easy to listen to.  The Story Bible for Older Children is an excellent resource for fleshing out biblical accounts, without watering down content.  The Story Bible has 2 volumes- Old Testament and New Testament.  We are working our way through the Old right now.  I cannot recommend this Bible enough.  It has sparked many conversations, and it has taught thoroughly.  This Bible is meant for older children – so would be best suited for ages 7 and up.  I cannot recommend this Bible enough!


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For more resources we have enjoyed for teaching our children, please visit my Family Worship page on Pinterest.

What about you?  What resources would you recommend for use in family devotions?  

I would love to hear!  Email me at: foryourtomorrowblog@gmail.com

Happy Friday, all!

Looking forward to being here again, on Monday.

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4 thoughts on “10 Recommended Resources for Family Devotions

  1. Thank you for posting! I’ll definitely be coming back to this over and over as the kids grow! We just discovered those Jesus Storybook Bible videos on Youtube and the boys love them.

  2. What a great post Maryanne!
    Our family loves books and I would also recommend “How a Spider Saved a Man’s Life” by Tony Hutter. He writes 51 short stories about Spurgeon’s growing up years. We loved this book.

  3. It is so important to find the right Bible story books and related materials for the different ages. Good suggestions!

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