Recommended Reading: {Desperate}, by Sally Clarkson

pray image Congratulations to Sarah Jordan, winner of The Ministry of Motherhood and $5 Starbucks card!  Sarah wrote that she is a homeschooling mom of 9 children, so I am thrilled that a very busy Mom is receiving these little gifts of encouragement.  Sarah, please message me at with your mailing address.

Though I had a post planned for today, I am going to stick with the theme of Sally Clarkson for one more day.

Why?  Because Sally is writing what I believe to be some of the most encouraging mothering books in the Christian market today.  And I want every Mom I know to spend some time absorbing her encouragement and wisdom.

Having dropped by Barnes and Noble to pick up the Giveaway prize last week, I casually dropped Sally’s book Desperate into my cart as well.  It has been some time since I have read a book specifically addressed to mothers, but the past few weeks have made me feel the need.  I have felt weary and dull lately, certainly not encompassing the passion for parenting that I desire my children to see in me.



I brought Desperate home and flipped through it for a few moments, while the kids were asleep.  And instantly knew it was what my desperate heart was needing.

In the honest fashion I have come to appreciate about Sally Clarkson, the book begins with this phrase:

“I just can’t be a mother today”.

And so begins a raw, but inspiring conversation about the struggles we face as mothers.  As we battle our ideals, comparing them to our sinful reality.  As we struggle with perspective – feeling sunk beneath hopelessness.  As we fight for JOY in our day-to-day, exhausting ministry to our families.  Desperate addresses fatigue and the depression that results.  It speaks of the role that friendship and support plays in our mothering.  It relates the need to draw close to other women, so that Satan does not find us easy targets, due to our loneliness.

desperate book tea

It is truly God’s gift to me that Desperate found its way into my shopping bag last week.  It has begun already, to unveil some of the reasons I have been wrestling with discouragement.  I am tired.  I am lonely.  I am facing the darkness, without honestly confiding in anyone.  And I am just one woman experiencing these emotions.  I have a feeling that many of you are struggling, too.

But, isn’t this what we do?  We put on our Facebook personas, and ride through the days as though they are endlessly sunny, with only charming quotes from our children.

And then we lie in our beds at night, washed over with a loneliness and anxiety.  We are sad.  We are fearful of our inadequacies.  We are needy for support.

We are desperate.

If you need encouragement, or if you could use a Mother’s Day treat for yourself, please order Desperate today.

It will refresh you.  It will motivate you.  And it will encourage you that far from being alone, you are one of many women who simply needs to hear a message of HOPE.

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5 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: {Desperate}, by Sally Clarkson

  1. I bought this book for my SIL for Christmas last year (two little boys in 18 months!), and it’s in my Amazon cart to buy for myself, one day, as well!

  2. Going to pick it up today. Thanks for the recommendation. Can always use a great book about motherhood. :)

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