Lizzie Valasquez, the “Ugliest Woman in the World”: A TRUE Beauty Hero

ugliest woman

While Kim Kardashian is hard at work building her empire- including her {nearly} one million-dollar make-up room –  there are women embracing a much different approach to beauty.

And Lizzie Valasquez is one of them.  Lizzie’s story is remarkable – both for its unimaginable pain, but equally for her courageous response to that pain.

Yesterday, we met Kim.  But today, let’s meet Lizzie.


Imagine it is an ordinary afternoon.  You are 11 years old and just home from school.  Finishing up a snack, you sit down at the computer and begin visiting your regular sites.  And you click over to YouTube.  YouTube is a favorite, and there is always something entertaining to be found.

And then you see it.   A video with your name on it.  How strange.  You cannot recall posting anything.

Curious, you click on the video.  And there, an 8-second clip without sound.  Just a still-shot of your face.

A single image.  And underneath your photo, the caption:

“Ugliest Woman in the World”.

ugliest woman2

You reel in shock.  In horror.  Your mind cannot process what you are seeing.

Is this a hoax?

You scroll down a little bit more, and glance to the right of the video clip.  And there you see it:

4 million views.

4 million people have found a YouTube site in your name, entitled world’s ugliest woman.

You scroll the comments for clarity.  You are confused.  Surely this is a terrible, cruel joke.

But it is not.  In those comments are remarks so vicious, you are knocked breathless.  There are suggestions as to how you can kill yourself.  Jokes about your abnormalities.  And offers to assist you in your suicide.  Because, you know, you are so ugly.

Not one comment has been made in your defense.

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Photo courtesy of: {}

 What does an 11 year-old girl do with a cruelty imposed on her like this?

Well, at first you cry.  You cry for yourself, for your broken heart.  And you cry for your Mom, because when she finds you, her mother’s heart will split in impossible pain.  You weep for a cruelty you cannot comprehend.

But then, if you are Lizzie, you grow contemplative.  And you turn over in your mind what might be gained in an innocence that has been lost.

If you are Lizzie, you wipe your tears and then, you get to work.

Identifying an inner determination, you decide to channel it and raise a flag in honor of true beauty.

Ugliest Woman3

If you are Lizzie, you stand up in the face of cultural beauty-mandates, and you dare to re-define them.

You stand up for yourself, because in so doing you stand for others who have yet to find their voices.  And step by small step, you begin to change things.

You walk onto a stage in front of high-school students drowning in insecurity, and you show them that beauty is found in what God has made.  Nothing is without value that He has made, you say.

And people begin to see what God sees.  Their minds grow bigger.  Their hearts grow softer.

And you, the “ugliest woman in the world”, become a living illustration that He makes everything beautiful in its time.

In your determined, heroic beauty you show that sometimes it just takes people a little while to see it.





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8 thoughts on “Lizzie Valasquez, the “Ugliest Woman in the World”: A TRUE Beauty Hero

  1. What a beautiful example of true beauty! I cried hearing her story…that people told her to kill herself, etc. The ugliness that exists in the human heart is sometimes unbearable to even imagine. To think we walk each day amongst people who go home and write things on their computer like “just do the world a favor and kill yourself.” So wicked. Anyways, thanks for sharing her story!

  2. I have boy-girl twins, and my son was born with a syndrome that has caused cranio-facial abnormalities. I have often wondered how different things would be if it were my daughter instead – as women are judged so much more on their looks compared to men. This is an amazing story- thank you for sharing.

    • Suzanne, that is an interesting thought, on abnormalities being judged more harshly in girls. I would bet so. You have such a sweet family! Love seeing where God has brought you!

  3. If we could only comprehend how deformed and horrible we are in our sin, in God’s eyes, apart from the beauty of Christ…May we be merciful and gracious as He is, may we see things with His eyes of truth.

  4. beautiful video and what a reminder on true beauty! We live in such a broken world, the need for Jesus so very great. Thanks for sharing this, it was a good speech by Lizzie Valasquez, and to see how the Lord took such a horrible experience and used it to shape and mold her, that is beautiful!

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