Summer Reading Goal: 10 Least Popular Books of the Bible

In a recent info-graphic, The Overview Bible Project produced a flow-chart of the 10 least popular books of the Bible {HT: Challies}.

I have never considered before that there are pieces of the Bible that are rarely read, but I suppose it makes sense that sadly, popularity extends even to Scripture.


Infographic: least popular books of the Bible


In a quick overview of this chart, I was interested {but not surprised} to note that 6 of the 10 books are prophetic.  The Old Testament prophets were not well-received even in their day, so it is not a great shock that in modern-times they are still not our favorites.

God’s prophets were no cowards.  Tasked with speaking out against ungodliness and God’s judgment if hearts remained hard, these men lived taxing, lonely lives.

Prophets have never been popular.  In fact, did you know that nearly all of the Old Testament prophets were martyred as a result of their stand for Truth?

This Summer, I plan to familiarize myself better with these bold men and their teachings.  To spend a little more time refreshing my memory on the lives of these courageous heroes.



And I plan to walk through the other “un-popular” books too : 2 John, 3 John, Philemon and Jude.

I would love for some of you to take on this challenge with me, and compare notes at the end of the Summer.  These books are all short and will require mere minutes of your day to read, so they are a perfect Summer-day length.

Would you like to explore the 10 Least Popular Books of the Bible this Summer?

Click here for more information on the context of the books.  And let me know if you plan to get reading.  {My husband is going to read along beside me, as a means of accountability}.

I would love to compare notes with you in 8 weeks. I read Jonah this morning, and already my pencil has been busy noting themes I have not focused enough attention on in the past.

And maybe if enough of us read, we can bump the 10 least popular books of the Bible out of the running, and into a better-respected category.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Reading Goal: 10 Least Popular Books of the Bible

  1. This is why I read the bible through Old and New Testament at the same time. (and when finished start over) I have to force myself to read certain books…I am surprised Leviticus isn’t on there :) Mom assures me I will enjoy to prophets more and more…I definitely struggle to read through some of them.
    grace recently posted…Where I thought I Would beMy Profile

  2. I would LOVE to do this with you! I’m sad to see Philemon on the list though. It’s one of my favorites! I hope you’ll update the blog with your progress. That will help keep me accountable too!

    When I see things like this, I am reminded that God said “ALL scripture is given for….”. He didn’t say “some” or “part” but “ALL”–and I’m pretty sure that means the minor prophets and the seemingly-dry genealogy listings too! :-) As my teacher-husband would say “All means all and that’s all all means!” :-)

    Looking forward to learning with you!

    • Great point, Jen! I plan to update as I read. I so agree that unless we know the whole of Scripture, we are missing out on the “all” that is so very important. Let me know how YOUR reading goes, too :)!

    • I agree, Jeffrey. This info-graphic is perfect. And I love the background you provide. There are a few of us who are taking your 10 least popular books compilation as a personal challenge. Thanks again!

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