18 Summers

{Photo courtesy: www.thenester.com}

{Photo courtesy: www.thenester.com}

Upon missing a day of blogging this week, the inner-perfectionist within deflated a little.   In the span of 5 months, I had yet to miss M/W/F post.

Until this week.

My oldest daughter’s birthday happened to land on Wednesday.  Which happened to be a day that I was spending the night at my Mom’s house, so that we could celebrate “the big 12″ together.  We found ourselves busy catching up, visiting a toy-store, eating ice cream and talking some more.  Writing just never factored in to the busy fun of that day.

I am sure by now, you have seen the “18 Summers” tag floating around Facebook and Pinterest.  The State of Idaho has launched a campaign to encourage parents to embrace the Summer as a time to invest in and enjoy their children.

18 summers 2

After all, there are only 18 Summers in any child’s life.

With simple calculation, this movement reminds me that there are merely 6 Summers left with my oldest.


This little-turned bigger girl is at camp this week, on her own.  And for the next few Summers, the theme of “on her own” will likely become more resounding.

Because we are raising them to be confident leaving us, right?

goes by fast

Six Summers left mean that 12 are in the past.  I don’t love a fraction of 2/3’s behind, to remind me that there are things I would do differently.

But there are many memories left to make.

And so if the laptop stays dusty this Summer, so be it.

If the house remains suspended in constant upheaval {which it is}, oh well.

If our routine hangs crooked for a handful of weeks while we live together without boundaries, who really cares?

Time is running out with each handful of hot, sunny days.

And I don’t want to waste them.

Here is a sweet reminder from the Idaho 18 Summers campaign to embrace the coming, un-structured days.

To a busy Mom, the lazy days of Summer really are not.

The bulk of family memories boil down to hard work and scrupulous organizing.  Which at the most exhausting moments can raise the question: Where is my vacation?

I hope you find encouragement in considering the short amount of time we are actually entrusted with our children.  The days will fly by until one Summer there is an extra seat at the dinner table, and extra room in the car.  And at that time, I imagine there will be a few pangs of sadness.  They are gone, making their own memories.

These Summer days with little ones might be long, but the years are truly so, so short.





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5 thoughts on “18 Summers

  1. Time goes by so fast and there’s nothing we can do to slow it down. Out of all the things we must do in a day, the time we pour into others has the most lasting impact. And time spent with our children has eternal value. Thanks for this encouragement to spend time with our kids!
    Christina recently posted…Real FriendshipMy Profile

  2. A good reminder as we start our summer holiday. Today was the last day of school, I’m happy to be done with strict bedtimes and structure and have a bit more freedom. I’ve had a similar conversation with a friend recently, but we thought more like 15/16 summers before part-time jobs start to take over and our kids schedules become more individual and less family. I hope you and your family enjoy your summer!

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