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At the time you read this post, Lord willing I will be packing up my suitcase and hopping a train to the Atlanta airport, en route to Orlando for The 2014 Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference.

According to its mission statement, The Gospel Coalition is a Reformed network of churches, which encourages and educates current and next-generation Christian leaders by advocating gospel-centered principles and practices that glorify the Savior and do good to those for whom He shed his life’s blood. 


Here is what The Gospel Coalition Women says about the 2014 conference:

A conference for women, all about the Word! Plenary speakers will unfold the book of Nehemiah—the story of God’s people returned to a broken-down city and called to trust God’s Word at a point of great need. It’s about God redeeming a people for himself through his Son. This is our story. We’ll focus on listening to this Word…living in light of it…helping others hear it…worshiping according to it…waiting on the Spirit who inspired it…exalting Jesus at the center of it.

 The Pre-Conference focuses on God’s good purposes in his creation of human beings as male and female. We’ll highlight Scripture’s teachings concerning men and women in the church and in marriage, and we’ll talk about these teachings both theologically and personally.

 Workshops on Saturday afternoon are offered in themed tracks, with topics from theology to sexuality…from evangelism to writing…from the persecuted church to the ministry of hospitality.


The workshops I will attend are:

  • You are What you Read {Rosaria Butterfield}
  • Homosexuality and Christian Faith {Rosaria Butterfield}
  • The Impact of Sexual Abuse and How God’s Grace Heals and Transforms Lives {Ellen Dykas}

What I am excited about:

  • meeting up with writing friends in “real” time
  • attending an evening social for women who are members of the PCA {our denomination}
  • attending a writer’s workshop
  • spending time with my sister-in-law, who is my brother’s right arm and a tireless worker
  • worshiping with Keith and Kristyn Getty
  • floating down the Lazy River at the hotel {no need to explain this one}


 My friend Tara, will be live-blogging the conference.  And the site will be updated frequently with photos and music and speakers.  So, please check out the link here.

suitcase shot

The writing event I am attending will involve publishers distributing books to attendees.  So I hope to have new books to recommend and perhaps even give away in the coming weeks.  You can follow the conference here, or follow my blog page on FB.  I hope to update the page throughout the weekend.

Happy Thursday, all. And thank you, as always, for being here.


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6 thoughts on “Gospel Coalition Women ’14

  1. Wow! Sounds exciting and filled with great events! I pray it’s so enlightening for you and restful and for fellowship with your sister in law! Happy for you! Will miss you but catch up soon!

  2. Enjoy! I was able to enjoy a concert by Keith and Kristyn Getty in Ontario and it was really an awesome experience.

  3. I am eager to hear how you enjoyed the weekend! I was able to watch several sessions and worship sessions via the livestream. It was GREAT! I looked for you but didn’t see you. Hope you had a great time-and came back renewed and refreshed!

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