Recap of Gospel Coalition Women ’14

{Photo courtesy of Reformed Theological Seminary}

{Photo courtesy of Reformed Theological Seminary}

After some 8 hours in airports and delayed airplanes, I am finally home from Orlando.  I greeted our children and spent 20 minutes with them before our babysitter arrived – for coming-home day was also our 13th wedding anniversary.  For a Mom who shuttles between Target, school and grocery stores, the past weekend was notedly different.

Here are a handful of highlights from the weekend:

 Room-mate Fellowship

Spending time with my sister-in-law was both fun and helpful.  Fun, because 2 women on the loose is bound to be an adventure.  Whether at the pool, in our room or on the elevator, we managed to experience absurd moments made more hilarious by the sharing.

And helpful, because within the realm of mothering, the need to process is often greater than our time allows for.  But this weekend, we had time to spill our words.  And we did.

photo booth

Challenging Speakers

 Did you manage to listen to any part of the Gospel Coalition livestream?

If so, whose seminar did you most enjoy?

Though I enjoyed the varying angles of each of the plenary speakers, the joy pouring from both the words and the countenance of John Piper, was what challenged me most.  Piper loves, enjoys and celebrates the Gospel.  As he stated poignantly from the stage: “What I want almost more than anything else is to never sin again”.

To hear Piper speak is to be renewed by the beauty of God’s Word.  And to think all the while, I want to be more like that!


The Empty Bookshelves Project

Aileen and I were able to donate a stack of books to a project which Gospel Coalition is under-taking: The Empty Bookshelves Project.  2,000 stacks of books were brought to the conference, to be distributed to pastors overseas.  The purpose of the project is to training pastors theologically, so that they are shepherding their churches in sound doctrine and truth.

book shelves

Most pastors in poor nations lack access to formal seminary training, and often do not have extra funds to purchase books which would assist them in learning.  By the time we left Orlando, all 2,000 book stacks were sponsored and bundled, ready to be distributed.  Praise God!


There is a small group of women who write in varying places.  This weekend we met up for coffee and in-person fellowship.


women who write

 From left to right:

These women are shaping hearts and minds through their giftedness, and it was a privilege to meet {and hug} them, finally.

Writer’s Seminar

On Saturday evening, Aileen and I were invited to attend a workshop for 100 women who write.

Though I knew a handful of book give-away’s might be on the menu, I was not prepared for this:

stack of books

Books were squished into ever crevice of luggage coming home, but books are books – you make room for them!  In the coming weeks, I hope to review many of these for you.

Book Tables

Many publishers were available at the conference with books at 40% off retail. For the nth time, I kicked myself for bringing a tiny suit-case.

book tables

Because of limited space, I made my focus kids books, and I managed to snag a few to read with them this Summer.  Again, as we progress with our reading, I will review and recommend here.

Coming Home

There is nothing like returning to the place where you are loved best and love the most.

my kids

Greeted by hugs and “I missed you” and little cards – this is where the world turns best.

The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference did not disappoint.  It was more than I hoped for.

But it is also good to be home.







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6 thoughts on “Recap of Gospel Coalition Women ’14

  1. I listened to four speakers. John Piper by far my favorite. His “Don’t you talk to God that way!” was what I keep thinking about. As far as I am concerned…there isn’t a speaker who challenges me like him. I am so thankful for his godliness and desire to pursue holiness.

    so glad you and Aileen had that time together.
    Grace recently posted…Where I thought I Would beMy Profile

  2. I listened to several speakers, all were women. I enjoyed their message but I was a little disappointed with the delivery. Most of them simply read from a script. The best part for me, by far, was the worship!

    I think what excites me most about TGC is that I really feel like they are “meaty” when it comes to God’s word. The speakers aren’t full of fluff and butterflies. They aren’t afraid to call sin, sin and to speak honestly about how it’s affecting our society in every realm. I’ve grown weary of all the “feel good, Jesus wants to be your friend” mushy stuff that is, theologically, a mile wide and an inch deep. I serve a loving God. But he is also holy and just and cannot look on sin. And, sin certainly isn’t all “rainbows and butterflies”.

    Glad you had a great time! Happy reading! :-)

  3. I too love hearing John Piper speak. I desire to have the same passion for Christ as he. I also loved Paige Brown’s talk. It was fun to hang out with you guys and get to know your SIL. It’s good to be back home though:)

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