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It has been a stretch of years since I blogged.  I know that some of you followed along with our family at Happy Helms several years back.  Happy Helms was a delightful space, chronicling our young family- the up’s and down’s of adjusting to multiple children, and the inevitable fall-out of loads of responsibility and too few hands.  It was an anecdotal adventure in the craziness of young motherhood.  And then, with the arrival of our 4th baby, life felt full to over-flowing and there was simply no room and no time for anything but family maintenance.   I know that some of you are there right now. Feeling utterly full with the needs of lots of little ones.

Four years later, life has settled into a routine for us.  A lively one mind you, but some semblance of a routine.  This in turn has allowed for a span of a few hours each week that are available to be used.  And my heart has come back to writing.  For the past non-blogging years, I have written nearly daily – but in the old-fashioned way.  Mind to pen, and pen to paper.   I have filled page upon page with truths from Scripture, wisdom from good books, thoughts from conversations with friends and family.

And having spent the years also riding the peaks and valleys of young motherhood,  I have come away with a desire to not only record my experiences in my walk as a young Mom, but a hope that I can communicate any little perspective here, that might prove valuable.

My desire here, is to create a space for women in which we can share together the particular issues arising this generation.  While Solomon is correct in his assessment that “there is nothing new under the sun”, there are nonetheless new variations of historical problems, and those slight changes can cause confusion in our thought-patterns and discouragement in our attitudes.  My hope is that this small space can bring readers back to the Bible’s elevation of womanhood as a cause for joy.

The title for this blog is “For Your Tomorrow”.  And I chose the tag-line carefully, based on a beautiful account John Piper alludes to in his excellent book, Don’t Waste Your Life.  The story goes that during the Second World War, a group of Allied airborne soldiers were shot down over the Pacific Ocean, and inscribed on their graves is the poignant statement:

For your tomorrow,

We gave our today.

And so it is for women who claim the Gospel on their lives.  God calls us to give.  To give in our marriages, our homes, our communities, our schools, our churches.  To invest intentionally today- not only for the sake of His glory, but because our present actions are meaningfully connected to our tomorrow’s.  Marriage.  Motherhood.  Home-making.  All of those aspects become sacred when we hold firmly to our Biblical bearings that life is a span held together by a sovereign God’s hand.

 My prayer is that this place will refresh, above all.  And that it might motivate and encourage us to give the “daily grind” our all.


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18 thoughts on “Launch Day

  1. What a beautiful introduction. A well thought out name. I am SO SO happy you are blogging again. Can’t wait to read what’s on your mind. Love you and love your family!

  2. I think you have a beautiful blog here and I look forward to seeing how God will use you to glorify Him in this space! You have the capacity to touch so many women and help them live more meaningful, productive lives!:) Write more soon!!:)

  3. I am beyond excited that you started blogging again. God has gifted you with godly wisdom and a beautiful ability to write. While this new season affords you time to blog, I’m excited to be a reader. You inspire and challenge me to take time to chronicle the daily journey God has for me in His Kingdom.

  4. I look forward to following your blog and reading your thoughts as well as those of other followers. It is refreshing to finally find a place where we as women, wives, and moms can gather together to share in our Godly experiences and help each other walk through life as God desires. Thank you!

  5. So glad you have time to write your blog again. You are a gifted and I am happy you are sharing your journey as a wife, mother and a Godly woman. Love.

  6. Hi Maryanne! I love reading your inspirational words! This will be exciting! Thank you for using your God-given talents to share with us! I will pray for you to be inspired as you write as well! Miss ya!

  7. Thank you for the kind welcome. So glad that as sisters, friends, FB friends and neighbors, we can “get together” here.

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