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Hi!  Welcome to For Your Tomorrow.  My name is Maryanne Challies Helms, and my family lives in the South-east United States.

We are parents to 4 : 2 boys and 2 girls.  I enjoy the day-to-day experience of living a “regular” suburban life, shuttling back and forth between varying family responsibilities.  My passion is home-making: not simply the tasks of keeping our home running, but more importantly, the building of a foundation of a family.  My desire is to see my family so immersed in the Gospel, that we cannot help but be transformed from the inside out.  I want my kids to be part of a generation that seeks God and makes Him known.

My heart’s primary desire is to encourage other women, as they seek to give their husbands, families, homes and communities their hearts and lives.

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{And you can connect with my brother Tim Challies, over on his site, too.  He always has something helpful to say}.

Thank you for stopping by.  And please become a part of the community here!


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