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Welcome to For Your Tomorrow, a space for women growing women.

I am so thankful you are here!  My name is Maryanne Challies Helms.

Well, it is obvious that Christian women are living in confused times.  Never has it been more counter-cultural  to celebrate Godly womanhood than it is in the 21st century.   Scripture’s woman of gentle, humble beauty is no longer identifiable under the cultural cloak of the post-modern woman.  Independence and self-identity are prized above anything. 

It can be lonely sticking to what we know: that God has created us to be womanly, and He values our femininity.  At every turn we are fed subtle, quiet lies which undermine our Scriptural foundations, and we can be left confused at times as to what it means to: 

*identify as Christian women, in a post- modern generation

*love our husbands

*nurture our families

*integrate into our communities with the Gospel

*invest in friendships

*serve within our churches

*navigate media, social and otherwise

*claim Godly character as our truest form of beauty

My desire is to create a space for women in which we can share together the particular issues arising this generation.  And my hope is that this small space can bring readers back to the Bible’s elevation of womanhood as a cause for joy.

Please join in.

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2 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. Hi Maryanne, I love the idea of this blog and why you are doing it. Christian women can find it hard to juggle life, prayer and everything inbetween so I look forward to your ideas and general blogging particularly the organisational strategies!

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