Growing Together

This blog is at heart, a community.  I am thankful to “man the site”, but I want to hear from you.

What issues most move you?  Concern you?  Excite you? 

What questions do you have?

I hope to write about what is most relevant to you.  And I would love for you to write here, too.  If you enjoy spelling out your thoughts, message me.  I believe that as a community of women sharing our thoughts and ideas, we are better and stronger than we are alone.

Let’s grow together.


2 thoughts on “Growing Together

  1. I’m excited about your blog! Very well written.
    Here’s what’s on my mind and heart. I REALLY want to be consistent with my kids and help them establish habits of Bible reading and prayer, as well as good daily routine for homework and home duties. We have good expectations, but not a daily success rate. So I’ve been thinking about setting goals for them, but I know the second I take my own attention off of them, they will too. I really want to do a better job of laying down the tracks for them to journey on (like establishing good habits, worldview, expectations, etc…), but my own tracks from my upbringing are so broken. Soooo broken. Plus I am an unstructured people oriented person and tend to fly through the day without a map. AND, I am in such a place where I often CA-RASH after the kids get home from school, and I bribe them with TV if they’ll watch the baby so I can take a break (read ” slip into a momentary coma”).

    That’s where I am and where my mind is.


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